My Sea of Shoes

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Hi. I’m Wicked. The great hoarder of all things.

All these years I’ve accumulated stuff I never really use yet I love to keep.

Shoes, bags, shades, you name it.

So where do I start? Should I stop the chitchat and get to the photos? Very well.

I’ll start with my sea of shoes… I wish I had more, just like Jane Aldridge, but my collection is still growing..  😈

My favorite pairs, meet my babies…

I could literally lie with them gorgeous pairs..

As promised, these are the pairs I bought during my quick trip in Cebu.

This has to be my favorite. It was love at first sight! The studs, camel color, suede, animal print on the inside, wooden wedges..

The others… Here goes… Some kept inside their boxes, some pairs stacked above another.. 😈

And this is where I keep the old ones..

So there you go.. Toodles! I’m out!