Naturals by Watsons Review

Naturals by Watsons: All-Natural Beauty Review

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Naturals by Watsons Philippines

Last week I got a pretty heavy package sent by my ever favorite Sample Room fam. It was all contained in a rather unusual sack-like pouch with the cutesy green Naturals by Watsons ribbon. Not gonna lie, the eco-friendly PR is on point and I wasn’t expecting to see full sizes of some of their bestselling products. My dog Church and I couldn’t wait to check them all out!

The Olive Shampoo is awesome and probably the best out of the bunch. Its main natural ingredients are olive oil, grapeseed oil, Abyssinian oil, and sunflower oil. It has a gel-like consistency which reminds me of the CosRx Low pH cleanser that I use for my face. I initially thought that it won’t lather that much and I would need more because it’s in a gel and not in the expected cream form but I was wrong. It was super sudsy yet very gentle. It’s moisturizing and tbh, quite satisfying massaging it on my scalp.You don’t get that stripping feeling after you wash it off too. Although it has SLS or sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate, a commonly used surfactant or foaming ingredient which isn’t great for treated hair I can let it pass. If you have normal or untreated hair, this should be enough.

The Argan Conditioner is impressive; it’s my 2nd fave! The main natural ingredients are Argan oil & seed extract, avocado oil, and wheat germ extract. It coats your hair in rich oil-like texture. I love the herb-y scent too. Popular conditioner brands here in the Philippines have that distinct strong fragrance which I really hate. Not only that, it has lots of silicones too but this one doesn’t have any of those not-so-good chemicals. I have high hopes for this because like the product line says, it is 100% all-natural and certified organic. The conditioner might be something that I would definitely repurchase in the future.

The Rice Bran Cream Bath is a sweet-smelling foamy soap that is…if I may say, a luxurious experience in itself. The main natural ingredients are Rice Bran oil & extract, soybean extract, and Vitamin B3 & E.
Like most cream and shower gels, it doesn’t have the stripping, squeaky after-feel. Very moisturizing! This is a product that I would reserve for days when I prefer to spend some quality me-time. Yes I take pampering quite seriously. It’s like my day-off from the daily mundane tasks. Lol! I don’t particularly use liquid soap on a daily basis anyway. Not that I’m always in a hurry but I find bath soaps in bar form are more convenient, effective, and time-efficient.

Naturals by Watsons Aloe Vera Scalptonic

The Aloe Vera Scalptonic is recommended for those who are dandruff prone and have oily scalp. The main ingredients are Aloe Vera juice and extract plus salicylic acid. Powerful combo right there!
This is the one that I am initially most excited about because I have color-treated hair with a minor hairfall problem. I was hoping this could help me in strengthening my roots back. However, I’m still unsure if I love or hate this mainly because I have no idea how to properly use it. I have tried using this on both dry and damp hair but it only made my hair get oily sooner than I expect.

Anyhooo, I’ve checked my local Watsons store to check them all out. The retail prices of the following products are:

  • Olive Shampoo – Php 189
  • Argan Conditioner – Php 199
  • Rice Bran Cream Bath – Php 229
  • Aloe Scalp Tonie – Php 249

Prices may vary but the full-sized products don’t exceed Php300. Not bad for a certified organic line, right? I thought that these are all but there are more must-check ingredients in the Naturals by Watsons line. Apart from the ones I have tried, they also have Marula, Macadamia, Coffee, Quinoa, and Paw Paw. That’s a lot of choices but I’m thinking about trying their body lotions and conditioners especially the Marula. I’ve been using Marula oil on my face and hair and it works wonders so yeah, that is next on my list.s

Final Thoughts

We women are putting on chemicals a lot more than we know. Try to read the ingredients list of every product that you put on your face, hair, skin, and body. You’d be surprised to know how many of those names we can’t pronounce can be bad for us. It seems unavoidable but there are ways we can minimize our use of these products. While I admit that adapting to an all-natural or organic lifestyle can be expensive, spending on self-care or self-grooming products doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I love that Naturals by Watsons has made an effort to put affordability first. Way to go Watsons, we need more of these!

Sample Room Philippines

Curious to try before you buy? Head on to Sample Room and sign up so you can get first dibs on newly curated products in the market! I hope you enjoyed this post. Which of these products are you keen to try out? Let me know!

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