Neon Lovin’

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Neon Lovin’


After months and months of waiting, I finally accomplished my quest into completing my neon family. It doesn’t mean I have all the rainbow colors but you get it. Just the basic ones will do for me mainly pink, green, yellow, and orange. They’re too cute they look like candies laid altogether. Almost edible, eh?! 😉

Sure glad I was able to collect them in varying style and obviously, colors. I got the basic pumps, wedges, and quirky fun heel less babies. If it weren’t for the last pair of patent pink shoes from DAS I would’ve lost all hope into making them complete. This patent pink design got sold out. Lucky me, they were able to find a size 4.5 pair in their stock room tucked somewhere. Destined to have em! And oh, thanks to LYFH too for giving this neon yellow pair to me for fuh-ree! Dayum, I love FREE stuff… Haha! :mrgreen:


Have you picked your favorite?!


Stay wicked!