New Feature on Rosie Teapot and Eika PH

In Fashion by Wicked Ying

Hello, hello! How you all doin’? Today, I’ll share with you some of my recent features. It is my first time to be on a blogger’s e-magazine issue and on a swimwear site too! Definitely something new for me!


Took a screenshot of how it looks like. Super cute! Love how she personally chose what photos to use. Heee! If I may add, I really enjoyed answering the questions on this interview. It’s not everyday you get quizzed about random stuff. 😉

I’m on page 48! You can read the first Rosie Teapot e-magazine issue HERE.

A friend of mine, Erika, featured me on her shop Eika PH. The feature is all about where I took my swimmies this summer. So basically, I’ve babbled about my Siargao experience a few months back.

Check out my EIKA PH feature!

Stay wicked!