New Goodies: LOVE, UD, and OASAP

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New Goodies: LOVE, UD, and OASAP


What I recently got from my lovely sponsors this week. They’ve arrived all in the same week and they’re from all parts of the world, how cool?! What a way to start my “back to reality” routine after coming home from ze trip. Yay! :mrgreen:

First of the bunch was 2 floral dresses from LOVE. They arrived just before I was about to leave so I was able to bring one with me. How timely! 😀

Yep, this is the one I wore at the Bloggers United event. Another floral dress with a tinge of vintage vibe. Too bad I wasn’t able to do an outfit post there huh?! 🙄  

Next is one from Urban Dressing. It is another longsleeve top complete with all the polka dotty details on the sleeves. I likey! I don’t have much neutrals so this is perfect! Heeee! Thank you Miss Shirley of UD!

Lastly, from OASAP. I got this black maxi dress with a seemingly irregular cut and matching sunnies to go with it. I used my credits wisely so I made sure it’s enough to purchase for at least two items. Woot woot!!


Outfit posts to follow dearies!


Stay wicked!