New In: All the Good Stuff!

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 New In: All the Good Stuff!

Here are the things I got in the mail last week. Thanks to ze sponsors from other parts of the world.. Heeeee! I din’t have the diligence to take photos of the actual item so I hope their product photos would suffice. 😕

Jeeeez.. I better do some outfit posts soon! :mrgreen:


High low dresses (orange and black) and accessory. Take note of the spiky ring.. Yes, just like Lina Tesch’s! IKR?

All from OASAP

Pink cape dress from Choies


You might remember these two from my last “wishlist” post. I have them now. Yay!!

Lovely purrrrrdy assymetrical dresses from LOVE



Let’s not forget about the shoes galore but that would have to wait. I’ll make a separate post about it.

Hope you like today’s haul! 😉



Stay wicked!