New In: Binkydoodles and Urban Dressing

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 New In: Binkydoodles and Urban Dressing


What I got from the mail this week. Awesome sponsors are awesome!!! 😈

First is from Binky of Binkydoodles. She’s a friend / young designer that I virtually met in Lookbook. She sends me a few of her own designs occasionally be it clothes or accessories. 

What she sent me this time?! A sheer kimono cover up and a pair of printed leggings. Colors galore!! :mrgreen:

And of course, accessories. Laveeeet! Haha! <3

Next is a pretty longsleeve top from Urban Dressing.

I personally chose this top because I don’t think I have something of this design and color. What do you think?!


Which are your favorites?! As early as now I’m already thinking how I could incorporate these into my looks. Any idea?! Heylp me!!


Thank you so much Binkydoodles and Urban Dressing for the goodies!

Til next haul! 😉


Stay wicked!