New In: Bottoms, Bottoms, Bottoms!

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New In: Bottoms, Bottoms, Bottoms!


If you peeps know me personally, you would’ve seen my room full of nothing but bottoms. There’s always a pair of shorts everywhere that I can’t even sit in my own bed! Sometimes I end up confused because I have no tops to wear it with! Cuhrazy! 🙄


Then again, as if history just repeated itself, I bought a bunch of bottoms. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wear them all but you know me, once it fits, I buy them in all colors of the rainbow. I kid! But it is half true though! 

Hot shorts? Leggings? Graphic skirt? All are from PINKaholic. Yeah yeah.. I shop way too much from them. Can you blame me? It’s from their latest collection Let it Reign. The reason why I bought these is that the bomber jackets were gone before I can even get my hands on those cutie patooties! Booooo! But I’m still wearing my happy face because I snagged those rawr-ing blazer seen on the first photo above. They remind me of Kryz Uy and Zara. Haha! :mrgreen:

A colorful dress, lace shorts, neon shorts. All these goodies are from PROPS. Freebies galore from Charmaine. Props is my new sponsor btw. Yay! Thank youuuu!!! 😉  


Will post another New In again anytime this week. I’m waiting for some parcels to arrive. Woohoo!



Stay wicked!