New In: Buckle Up

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Buckle Up!

I’ve been eyeing these babies for who knows when. Finally, I have them now. Aren’t they the prettiest thing? 😉

Thanks to Heel and Sole. In case you didn’t know, I got my very own D&G inspired face wedges from them too. They got awesome kicks, not to mention the most hassle-free transaction evah! 😆  Why? Because they accept online transfers, I don’t have to go anywhere just to send cash. 

Now back to the shoes, what attracted me to this particular pair would have to be the buckle AND the chunky heels! The very moment I laid my eyes on them as I tore open the package, I gasped (literally!). The heels are gi-normous! Monstrous, big, chunky heels! I fell in love with it in an instant. Have you seen the platform too? The base platform is around 2 inches give or take. So you’re pretty much walking on air, yeah that’s the feeling wearing them. 😕

Scene of the crime! Lol!

They’re still shoe high worthy despite the chunky bulky features right?! 

Forgive the photos.. Had too much fun editing with Lightroom and Photoshop..


One last thing, I bet they’re way too cute than their designer shoes counterpart.. Take a peek below!


 Which ones do you like most?