New In: Futuristic Metallics

In Shoes by Wicked Ying

New In: Futuristic Metallics


What do you think of these new babies I purchased from LYFH? From what I recall, the shop was on sale that time so how could I resist?

Yet another heel less! All the metalllic streaks are cutesy with the addition of the patent black. The ankle straps are a big help in giving me a stable stance. Hmmmm… They remind me a lot of Jeffrey Campbell’s Pauline or Rockstar, yes? :mrgreen:

Up close. They’re irresistibly  kyoooot… I might look like a robot once I put them on but we’ll see.. Too bad these are sold out and that fast!


I’m still waiting for the last pair of my high-stacked sequined loafer-ish heels. I don’t know how long I should wait but the customs should get bored with the cargo anytime soon I hope. 🙄


Hope you like em!


Stay wicked!