New In: Leather Meets Suede

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 New In: Leather Meets Suede

Yaleeeew! (I’m in dire need of a lint roller! Help!) 🙄


So I’ve been on a super backlog when it comes to blogging about my shoes. I know I know it’s been a while, I’m guilty for being lazy and all that. Now welcome me back to “shoe blogging”, I’ve been wanting to show you guys some of my newly bought kicks. Let’s just pretend that I just got them okay? Haha! 😆

Got new, well not so new, babies! It’s a cut out wedge made up of leather + suede. Isn’t it the prettiest thing?!

Woot woot! Shoe high time!!! 😈

These remind me of Jeffrey Campbell Saturn design.


Got these babies from Asianvogue!

More posts about shoes soon!

Stay wicked!