New In: LOVE Dresses and Denim Jacket

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New In: LOVE Dresses and Denim Jacket


I just received a text from my local post office that 2 parcels arrived for me. Yep, ain’t it cool (not to mention convenient) when the peeps from post office are an SMS away to notify you about new stuff coming in? That way you don’t have to go there every now and then just to check the status of your package. I guess that’s one of the perks of living in a small city. Everyone knows everyone. It’s like a food web where we are all interconnected in one way or another. Newey, explain much? Haha! 😆


Taking you back, I was so devastated (sorry for the lack of terms) when my October sponsorship from LOVE did not arrive. It usually takes 2 weeks max before I get hold of the items but for some reasons, it never came. Never. I assumed maybe it got lost when that horrible storm struck Manila. Maybe all the packages got lost while it was on its way to our province. As to what really happened, I have no idea. Oh well, let’s not wallow ourselves to the sad part of the story. 😕 The kind and generous people (Steph and Veranika) from LOVE gave another shot to send me goodies for November. Perfect timing! Why? It’s because I’ve been crushing on their oxblood dresses for a while now. I sent my top picks to them in a heartbeat! Here’s what I got from them:

Oxblood maxi dress with a deep-V neckline plus cutouts and thigh-high slit. Can’t this dress get any sexier? I mean look at it! I’m not into maxi dresses but this is love at first sight. It’s obvious that I’m vertically challenged so giving it a shot was a bit risque for me!

Gold animal print dress with mesh details. It’s like a bodysuit layered with a mesh skirt. I like this one a lot! LOVE dresses are so kyooooot! Agree?! 😉

A worn out denim jacket from OASAP. I’ve been using this one on a daily basis now. It’s perfect for the bipolar weather. Sunny or rainy, this denim number fits! I know I have to shoot a look on this soon.. 


But wait, there’s more.. Haha! Like a line in a home-shopping network channel, yes there is more! Just in today.. Tadaaaah! :mrgreen:

Tassel heels from Luxury Mall. Would you believe that they gave this to me for Fuh-REE?! I got mine in RED. Ever since I’ve seen it on Kryz Uy’s blog, I searched various online shops that might sell them. I only found them on international/US-based sites, but not in the local shops. Lucky me, Luxury Mall posted a photo of it on Facebook. I ordered them right away, even if the sizes available are 6 (and I’m a 5.5). Booo! Lei, the shop owner, was kind enough to tell me she’ll give it to me for free. I’m shoe happy again! 😀 Believe me, there’s what we call destiny when it comes to shoes. It sure happened to me in several instances.


Hope you like my new goodies. Which ones are your fave?!


Stay wicked!