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Party in the USA

Hello wicked readers! Once again, I’m shoe blogging. Yes and No. Yes, this post is all about the shoes. No, it’s not the Miley Cyrus song! What were you thinking? Haha! :mrgreen:


Aren’t they the prettiest thing?

You may have noticed I already have some sneak peek published long before. You don’t remember?! No? Aww… Refresh your memory by clicking here and here..

Had this post on cue long before. I made sure it’s worth the post AND the photos are worth the delay. Teehee! 😈

Back to the shoes, I don’t know why but there seems to be something about stars and stripes print that would instantly make my heart melt. I was practically wishing of having stars and stripes shoes or shorts. Wishes do come true! Luckily, I’ve spotted the shoes. Happy me! 😆

Yay! I’m on a shoe high! 😉

Shoe high outdoors? Definitely! How did I do that? Ugh! Don’t ask… Lol! 


What I love about this one is the chunky heels plus the ankle strap. Cute! It secures your feet from sliding all the way the front whilst walking. And it’s not that arched too; feet can relax despite with the added 3-inch height and the 1-inch platform.

Want a pair? Then give my shoe fairy a buzz!

Thanks again Asianvogue!

Til next post!

Stay wicked!