New In: Satin Dreams

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Satin Dreams

Say hello to my new babies. Yay! Another addition to my chunky-heeled addiction. Teehee! :mrgreen:

Finally, after lusting over this pair since I started blabbing about shoes, I now have my own pair and I find it cute. A little formal and far from my wedge-y shoesies I own but I believe variety is key. So here’s to my satin dreams coming true! Yay!

They look soooo MiuMiu-ish to me! Gotta love this pair!!! 😈

Desaturate! 😉   

I could definitely pair this one with dresses, animal prints, maxi skirts, pleated skirts, etc. Wore them once if you remember, click here. 😉 I might get overly obsessed with this, to the point of using it everytime I take photos of few outfit shots. Donning some statement shoes has become quite a trademark. Therefore, I feel obliged to go shoe hunting even if I’m on an online shopping ban this month. I wish I could stick with my pledge though. Help! 🙄

I’m on a shoe high! 😈

Shoe high outdoors is lalalaloooove!!

Thanks to Asianvogue… my shoe fairy!

Stay wicked!