New In: Serrated and Jagged

In Shoes by Wicked Ying

Remember about the pair of shoes I bought in Davao? Here they are! πŸ˜‰

Gave these babies a try at the DavCon Day 2. Remember? No? Refresh your memory by clicking here.

I could run (and maybe win) a marathon wearing this pair. Lol! Kidding! I’m on a shoe high once again!


As I was lost for words on how to describe the rubber soles, I googled Camilla Skovgaard. Guess what I found? A photo with almost the same design as my shoes! Never thought this pair was a replica of some sort. Another designer shoes for less. The original ones costs over $500 while I bought mine at Php450! Real steal huh? Hahaha!  :mrgreen:

 A shoe deja vu?

 More shoe high and shoegasms to come!

Keep posted wicked people!