New In: Tribal Flair

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New In: Tribal Flair 

Posting something I just got from Shyshine Shop this week. Who can resist blogging about new stuff right? Uhm, I should commend Diva Lounge for the cute pink shoe box. Teeehee!

I was surprised when these babies were a shocking 5 inches in height or more. They don’t look that sky high when I ordered them. It might take some “getting used to” before I’ll be able to wear them out for a test drive. I know, I know… I always talk about test drive and wearing them out but I never had the courage to rocking them kicks.. Lol!  😆

I loooove the print! Aren’t they kyoooot?! :mrgreen:

I find shoe boxes helpful in conserving space. You can just stack them as high as you want. Lol! It might not be a good idea in terms of shoe storage because as they say, the shoes have to “breathe” so they won’t get blotchy or something like that. I still store them that way! Meh… What about you? How do you store your shoes?


On another note, I hope our friends in Manila are okay. While it’s scorching hot here in Butuan, it’s been raining nonstop in the Luzon area. The flood is crazy as shown in the news. Tsk! 😥


Stay wicked!