New In: What I Got This Week

In Fashion by Wicked Ying

 Woohoo! Excited to show you my new stuff!


Here are the goodies I got this week (and last last week) from the wicked sponsors! 😆

Necklaces from Maxima. I’ve posted a look or two wearing these. Gotta love statement necklaces.. 😉

Lace peplum top and skirt from PINKaholic. Yay for stylish pieces!

Ombre shorts from FashionDime. I wore the purple one here. :mrgreen:

These two arrived yesterday. Green (scale-y) leather skirt and black tutu skirt from Vaintage.

The green skirt upclose. It’s so scaley. I find it cute! I know it is coz I chose them myself.. Haha! 😆


Thanks for sending me these. Love em all! 😉


Stay wicked!