New Year New Goodies

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New Year New Goodies


How is everyone’s first week of the year?! Still having the holiday hangover? Teehee! 😈

Here’s what I got fresh from the mail at the start of 2013! Feels like it’s Christmas all over again. It’s not too late to receive gifts this time right?! After all, the only thing I got for Christmas is boyf’s oh-so-special present. Lol! 😉


My new favorites — quilted leather shorts / plaid polo from Vaintage.


Floral dress and tops from Props.


White buttondown and black cardigan (not in the pic) from Ahai Shopping.


A custom-made dress from MsDressy.


Accessories that I snagged from Divine Lee and Vern Enciso’s booths at BU4. Some of those bangles were given to me as a gift from a reader too. How thoughtful! 😉


Feel free to check out the shops I highlighted above! Who knows, you just might find something you like.


Stay wicked!