New Year, New Shoes

In Fashion, Shoes by Wicked Ying


I know it is a bit late to call it “New Year” but allow me to share with you my new kicks that I have acquired since the start of 2013. So without further delay, here they are!

Late 2012 was my self-imposed shoe ban and so I seem to have splurged the moment I lifted my rule. Haha! 😉


First purchase was two pairs of shoes from Fancy Feet. I’ve been looking for the perfect sneaker wedge everywhere including Forever 21 but all to no avail. Most of them has shoelaces on which I (kinda) don’t like OR I find a cute one but they don’t have it in my size. Thanks to FF, I finally got myself a pair of velcro-fastened shoes with spikes — just the way I like it!


These glitter wedges are cute too! I’m a bit sad they run big for my feet. I don’t know if I’ll resell these soon.. I’ll post a look wearing them first before I decide on anything else. 


Gold Dot’s Honey platforms are the towering bomb. It’s the mother of all platforms! I know I have to get them ever since I saw it worn by Maya Kibbel at BU4. You could just imagine how shocked I was when I learned they’re from GD. Karl and Ally were uber nice to accommodate our requests and reservations. Teehee!


And lastly, my Black Distressed Lita. Got it at a cheaper price! I love eeeet!


If you have followed me on Instagram, you might have seen my photo uploading 4 new boxes of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I’ve waited 2 months+ for those to arrive at our local post office. Those were my Black Friday purchases at Solestruck. I’ll blog about it soon, promise!


Gotta rush! Steph and I have an event to attend — we will be judging a fashion show. I don’t know about the details yet but we’re pretty excited about it. See you at FSUU Fuzzion!


Stay wicked!