New York Photographer. Remember me.

In PR by Wicked Ying


Can one deny the story? The presence of the story is unquestionable at least because this very story, the content is present as well as in everything what happens around us, so in our inner world. And if you manage to be opened to this immense multitude of things happening, if you are honest when you face the chaos of your own feelings, you get a unique chance to see through the pattern and to know the story of everything you wish for to comprehend. And if you comprehend the thing you see, you receive an exceptional possibility to fixate this story in one moment.  The sense of photography is not about gathering on tape every fact which reality has to offer. The facts by themselves are not of much interest, it is important to be able to choose the facts to snatch from mindless gorge a real fact, which will concentrate the profound conception of reality. This will be your story. In photography, some little trifle can become content for a story of a lifetime, a diminutive slanted component to be its main leitmotif. While looking for the right story, evoked by the organic rhythm of the form, the New York photographer sees and shows something like a confirmation of the world he is surrounded by. Namely this is the primary duty and responsibility of the photographer.

And how could you see the story? Which is the trick for choosing that very right fact to make the story interesting, how to understand what is intricate and inspiring for you personally and for the viewer in general? There could be myriads and myriads of answers, but this is the kind of question to remain timidly unanswered, to keep the space for some new inventions and free creation. 

However, there is a secret, which should be known in order to fight for the meaning of your story. The secret is to remember. When you see a fact, when you some story happening right at your sight, you comprehend it, understand it, remember it. The camera sees and shows everything, everything the lens catches; it has a tendency of compulsive enumeration of details, so the camera remembers everything. If only the master of this camera is able to remember, what he is watching on and what is he trying to conceive, the story will be seen on his picture.

 What can be more fleeting, than a facial expression? While living, for example, in such a big city, as New York, you have no time to remember every wonder you can happen to notice on the street. Thousands of people pass you by on the sidewalk every day, and you have no super powers to remember every glance, every smile, every grin, every dimple on every cheek and every tear in every eye. Fortunately, we have a gift of civilization called a photo camera. It can notice all of these things and remember them far more efficient, than the human eye ever could. Therefore, you are gifted with the ability to remember and to catch not only the moment but also its history.

Photography was made for such thing as an accidental smile or an unwitting tear to remembered and preserved as a treasure of unmatchable value. Being a photographer, say, in New York, makes you gifted twice. Not only you have a camera, through which you can see the incredible depth of a story and its unique beauty, but also you have a bottomless quantity of invaluable material. New York, a lovely sleepless city, always has been and stays a paradise for a photographer who hunts for the moment, for a genuine story. New York life is full of such moments, and the task of a good photographer is to remember this moment with the help of his camera, to save it, to make eternal and to create a legend out of the story.