Nobody Said It Was Easy

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Look of the Day — New shoes and new phone case alert! Mixing neutrals with blue denims is something that I haven’t tried in a while. Hope it looks okay. Uhm, I didn’t know it takes so much effort to look effortless. Or perhaps it is just one of my lazy days again.


Buttondown top, PINKaholic. Denim dolphin shorts, Forever 21. Sunglasses, FLY Shades. Necklace, Rarelove Jewelry. Samsung s3 case, Anyshapes. Transparent heels, DressVenus.


Nobody said it was easy — Listening to Coldplay’s The Scientist while I make this post. It is true. Nothing is ever easy. This applies to everything that is worth having. Life itself isn’t easy, yes? It goes without saying that what you have now is a product of your hardwork. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Laws of physics huh? More like the scientific version of karma. Lol!


How cool is this phone case? It’s customized and I love the embossed effect. Now I don’t mind the extra bulk when you have this rad cover for your phone.


Easy and breezy. Opted to wear light and casual for Butuan’s bipolar weather. Look at that face basking under the sunlit lawn! When it rains for weeks, you simply get bored and get on with it. Change is good. However, let’s not rejoice yet for there’s another typhoon coming in and it is hitting this week. Booo!


Apart from bad hair day, I’m also suffering from skin breakouts at the moment. I gave my (blogger) problems a quick fix by snapping some clips on my lioness hair, sunglasses for the eyebags, and a bold red lip for an instant made up face.


A little bit of contrast again by mixing formal buttondowns with casual shorts.


These has been sitting around the room for days. I put them to good use even though they came in one size too big.




Stay wicked!