Not Just for Women: Male Celebrities Who Have Undergone Cosmetic Procedures

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While plastic surgery is often thought of as a female thing, many men go under the knife for corrective procedures. Here are a few you’d never suspect and how things turned out.


Bruce Jenner

By now, everyone knows how surgery worked out for Bruce Jenner AKA Caitlyn Jenner. You can see the dramatic before/after online in Vanity Fair or just about anywhere else. She’s all over the news now, and Jenner is the only one to have made this list as a female.

Gene Simmons

According to some plastic surgeons, it’s becoming more common for males to get plastic surgery when they get older. Just click here for examples. And, Gene Simmons is no different than most males, despite his onstage persona. The Kiss frontman has had work done on his chin and a facelift.

Barry Manilow

The singer has had two known facelifts, which he tried to keep under wraps before finally admitting it. He looks great today, and you can see from his before and after shots that the surgery indeed took years off his face.

Burt Reynolds

There is no manlier man than Burt Reynolds. OK, maybe Tom Selleck. But, how many rough and tumble men would admit to work being done on their eyes? Reynolds did. And, even though he denies it, rumor has it that he’s also had a facelift.

Enrique Iglesias

The Spanish singer was known for his tenor voice, but also for his trademark mole. Sadly, he’s decided to have it removed.

Howard Stern

Somehow, it doesn’t surprise us that Howard Stern would have work done. The “shock jock” had a nose job and lip to remove his double chin.

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers, the famous country singer, has admitted to at least a facelift to look closer in age to his younger wife.

Simon Cowell

Cowell criticizes everyone, but he’s not afraid of being criticized about his vanity. The former American Idol host has had botox injections and isn’t shy about admitting it.

Michael Jackson

This isn’t really a secret. Michael Jackson transformed not only his musical career but his entire appearance throughout his life.

In 1979, he was rather “normal” in the looks department. But, by 1984, we started to see some changes in his face. His nose became narrower and his eyebrows more shaped. While everyone knew back then, no one commented on it because it’s not something men did in the 80s.

By 1985, we saw dramatic changes – another nose job to narrow things further and permanent eyeliner tattooed around his eyes.

In 1987, he gets another nose job but things don’t turn out very well for the pop singer. At first, he denies his skin color change (he went from black to mostly whitish skin), then his publicists float a story about him having vitiligo – a skin condition that causes some people of color to develop light patches of skin that lack pigment.

In 1991, things have really gotten out of control. From here on out, Jackson starts taking on an entirely new persona. His plastic surgery includes multiple nose jobs, chin jobs, face lifts, lips, eyes, brows, everything.

How did it turn out? We think it’s obvious. But, the man had talent as a singer and has yet to be unthroned as the king of pop.


Dr. Kevin Rughe is a qualified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He always enjoys the opportunity to connect with an online audience and has already written a number of informative articles for other relevant websites.

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