Oh Snap!

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Look of the Day — Hello I’m a DORK. Lol! Another than black and white? Hell yes! Can’t. Resist. Somebody help me!


Dork tee and checkered pants, PINKaholic. Heels, DAS. 



Can you tell that I’m wearing something different today? Got so excited trying out boyf’s collection of snapbacks. So far, this is my fave among the bunch. I’m keen about trying on “headwear” be it floral wreath or hats or headbands. This time I mustered the courage to sport snapbacks. LOTD inspired by Juliett Kuczynska of Maffashion. Love her! 😉


Apart from that, there’s no other comfortable article of clothing than a t-shirt. Would you agree? This tee from PINKaholic’s collection is so comfy and stretchy. I even bought another one in gray. Instant laidback vibe with all the bold letters in the front that says dork and nerd. Now that’s a statement tee! Lol! 😆


These earrings are a steal at PHP30 (I think). It’s composed of little spikes and pins.


I call this the optical illusion pants. My current fave (I’ve been wearing ’em nonstop).




This has to be my favorite look from last week’s set of outfit shots. Prolly explains why I saved the best for last!



I’m expecting new goodies coming in this week from new sponsors. Can’t wait to shoot looks again! And I do hope boyf’s up for it. I get timid at times to approach him to take my outfit shots. I dunno why.. I guess it’s because I’ve been bothering him too much lately. Yeah, I’m annoying like that. Haha! Also, I’ll be hosting another giveaway but haven’t had the time to draft the post and mechanics yet. So many things to doooo.. Bear with me! 


Stay wicked!