Osteo Blast

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Look of the Day —
A rather bone-y look for today. X-ray vision, anyone?!


Bone leggings, PersunMall. Muscle tee, Aphrodite Clothing. Necklace and bangles, Forever 21. Shadow stud, Jeffrey Campbell.



My new leggings from PersunMall looked like they came straight from the X-ray department. It is reminiscent of x-ray plates, yes?! :mrgreen:


Black shirts are invading my closet and fast! Who can blame me? It is something that you can hoard and will still be usable for years to come. Owning shirts in various prints, sizes and colors gives you a lot of options for casual (lazy) dress up. 



Thanks Veronica for sending me this shirt! 😉

Did you know that the word osteoblast is a medical term for bone-forming cells? It is the first word that came to my mind when I was thinking of a title. I kind of wanted it to have something to do with bones but not in an obvious way. There you go, trivia’s over. Lol!


Blank look. Grumpy face. Apathetic.


Shoes. Spiky silver shoes.



Stay wicked!