Oxblood Affection

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Oxblood Affection

Ox Blood Jersey Cross Neck Cut Out Maxi, INLOVEWITHFASHION. Spike wedges, DAS. 


Look of the Day — Dressing up for the holidays in Fall 2012’s it-color, Oxblood.

Now that the Chrismas season is here, it’s undeniable that we might have a long list of parties to attend to. Parties could only mean one thing for us girls, outfit time! One of the reasons why I was so excited getting this dress from LOVE is that their clothes fit so well for the season. I do not have events to wear this at but I’m simply giving you an idea where to buy. You guys should check their stuff out and buy a dress or two. You’ll definitely have something to wear on parties and keep them for future use. Plus, there’s a low chance you’ll bump into someone who dons the same dress as yours right?! Teehee! :mrgreen:

LOVE’s new arrivals are too cute. This dress in particular caught my eye because of the cutouts and its unique color. Nevermind the rather unforgiving thigh-high slit and deep-V. I wanted to have something oxblood for so long, I’ve been seeing it on Lookbook often. Search is over. Woot woot!

I kept my accessories minimal by wearing a spike drop earring, (barely visible) connector ring, and a gold cuff.

(Lakas maka-kontrabida!)
Would you dare wear an oxblood or something that’s deep red? LRD or Little Red Dress is competing with LBD nowadays. Check out WhatIWear and you’ll see what I mean.


I guess my first experience with maxi dress isn’t so bad after all. Yep it’s my first time to wear such. I was a tad bit afraid I might step on it and trip eventually but thankfully I didn’t. Whew! 🙄

Shoes can either make or break an outfit. My trusty DAS pair always saves the day!


It’s quite a photo-heavy post today. Pagbigyan na! I occasionally do that whenever I get inspired by the look or when the photos are of high quality. The lighting can get tricky and all so.. Anyhoo, I’m getting all the good vibes this month and I hope this lasts. Way to end 2012! This year has been a blast, yeah?! 😈


Stay wicked!