I Heart Purple

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  Purple. What about purple? What is it about purple that I go gaga for? I say why not! Why not purple! :p Step into the light… Don’t hate.. Appreciate!   Now I ask you, what color do you bleed? xoxo

WickedYing on the Prowl

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Been busy prowling the webs for cheap web hosting sites. The thought of having my own website scares me, but the good thing is that it has no limits, no reservations, and no restrictions. I can do anything I want with it. Purple themes, subpages, sub domains, and all. I may sound techie but to tell you frankly I am …

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3 Shoes in a Week?!

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I can never get enough of such gorgeous pairs posted online as “Shoes for Adoption”. I’d be happy to lend them my shoe rack space of course.. Never figured out what, when, and where to wear them but at least I have them. Just received another package of my black peeptoe stilettos. Instant fave. Long time love. Now, we are …

Fuzzy Shoesies!

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Please welcome my new white fuzzy shoesies… So where do I begin telling you my crazy obsession for shoes? Hmmm.. i spend a hefty amount of time in front of the monitor searching for cool shoes and sky high heels as well as chunky platforms. Yes, I breathe them! Often tempted to buy stuff online but somehow my tiny feet …

For the love of Lookbook!

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  While at work with BeautyWired, I was amazed with artsy photos posted by ¬†amazing bloggers and fashion savants. Decided to give it a try. Skipped the work routine and headed on the tabs with Lookbook as well as Tumblr. It’s a cool community, expressing yourself through photos, explaining your everyday look, and just about anything. Plus, your “look” gets …

Girls Should Eat Make Up

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Media nowadays has changed the way beauty is perceived. It has provoked women of today to achieve perfection, no matter how impossible it seems. In this day and age, beauty is seen more on the physical aspects as dictated by the social norms. Nonetheless, it has created a stir of something difficult to solve. My post on facebook had somewhat …

Around and About

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Tossing time between my work and my personal accounts on social media lately. Nonetheless, I still find my way to rummage the tabs and drop by my ever so-called blog. I do not know what else to blab about, nor do I have the leisure of time to think about what to write. Just letting you all know that I’m …