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Maxi-Peel Micro Exfoliant Soap Review

In Literary, Opinions, and Reviews by Wicked Ying

Experience a whole new level of skin exfoliation using Maxi-Peep Micro-Exfoliant Soap! Made up of skin renewal system with micro-beads and a special blend of actives, it deeply cleanses the skin and gently removes dead skin cells with no visible peeling for that clearer, smoother, and glowing skin! If you want to up your skin care game and get a …

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Things Kids Love That Drive Parents Crazy

In PR by Wicked YingLeave a Comment

As much as you love your kids, there are bound to be things that you just don’t understand about them, things that drive you bonkers. Hobbies, music, hairstyles, and clothing are all everyday elements that have the potential to push parents over the edge. The important thing to remember however, is that you are not alone when it comes to …

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How to Increase Sales Using Facebook

In SEO / SEM / SMM by Wicked Ying

With more than 1 billion people around the world who now use Facebook, it is fast becoming the very best place to pitch your business to consumers and your target market. Thanks to the social commerce, social media and online shopping are coming together like never before.

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Proper Lighting for Excellent Makeup Application

In Beauty by Wicked Ying

Every woman knows her own face. She applies makeup as she was taught, but most women are denied the opportunity to get a professional makeover. Still, with quality products, some good advice, and the right lighting, every woman can make up for a day at work or and evening on the town. According to The Guardian, “Some will say it …

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Blushing in Pink Satin

In Fashion, Look of the Day by Wicked Ying

Look of the Day — Here’s what I wore for a quick brunch with my girls. I didn’t get the memo on wearing dress but it’s a good thing that my top is fancy not to mention shiny enough to pass the imposed dress code. Lol!