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What’s So Great About Tuscany Anyway?

In PR, Travel by Wicked Ying

So many people are booking vacations to Tuscany. It has become a red-hot tourist destination. Italy isn’t exactly local, so what does it have that makes it worth the long flight? There is actually far more to this little country than you would think and Tuscany quite rightly deserves its place as one of the best vacation destinations in the world.

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Bored No More: Fulfilling and Vibrant Hobbies for Women

In Lifestyle, PR by Wicked Ying

Finding a new hobby can be a life-changing event in a woman’s life. In our women’s busy lives, there may only be so much free time, so filling that time with a gratifying pursuit can add to a woman’s well-being. The following hobbies and activities could add a whole new wonderful dimension to your life…

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The Importance of Social Customer Service

In SEO / SEM / SMM by Wicked Ying

Social Customer Service is vital to every business that wants to build an established online presence. Among all the platforms present, businesses most often than not have accounts on Facebook and Twitter. These two are the avenue to reach social consumers, the main target of Social Customer Service. What better way to grow and improve your product and service is to interact with the very people who patronize the brand itself?

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Beauty 911: Recovering from Post Holiday Party Trauma

In Beauty, Lifestyle, PR by Wicked Ying

During the holiday season we go all out with festive makeup and beauty looks. However, all those gel manicures, winged eyeliner and bold red lips are doing a number on our skin, hair and nails. If your holiday glam is turning to glum, it’s time to rescue your look because there is still plenty more celebrating to do.