PINKaholic Shopping List

In Fashion by Wicked Ying


Went to PINKaholic shop today to pick up my stuff. Glad I was able to add a few items on my shopping cart before everything went “out of stock”. Teehee! 

So here’s what I got:

Galaxy hot shorts — Of course! Snagged this lovely purple pair, now my collection is complete. Woohoo! I got the cropped bustier, pants, and this! 😈

Denim sleeveless polo shirt — I like this one a lot. Perfect for a sunny weather and colorful shorts!

A black high low top that has inner included. Cool! I still don’t know where I’ll wear it (coz it is full length at the back) but I bought it anyway. 🙄

A chain fringe top too. Don’t have a lot of white ones in my closet so this is a good add! Yay!


Too bad the galaxy leggings are gone (forever!).. 😥 It was sold out the night of the upload. Can’t get enough of galaxy stuff huh?! 


Which ones are your favorite?! 😉


Do visit their e-store, it is found on my blog’s sidebar. Make sure to log in (if you have an existing account) or create one to view the respective prices and availability as well. Go shop! :mrgreen:


Stay wicked!