Preppy Penguin

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These days, men are obviously bolder with their clothing choices. You see many of them infusing a fashionable sense to their personal style. The preppy looks is one of the age old classics that remain timeless even after generations. It is most relevant now and currently at its peak. If you want to take on that preppy reboot, here are some helpful tips for your makeover essentials. Check out some of the selections at Original Penguin:

* Know your brands – Retail websites these days cater to easy shopping. The convenience is likened to seeing a collective of brands in one place, except that you only need to browse through the web. This gives you the advantage of researching about quality brands on the spot before making theat purchase.

Browse through the catalogs so you get a feel of what the brand represents. The basis could be the vibrance in colors and designs or the overall appeal of the clothing itself. Decide if you prefer the semi casual polo shirtts in minimalist style or if you want to go bolder with graphic printed shorts. Not to forget are the accessories that can help you pull off that look – rucksacks, casual day boots and a comfy pair of slip-ons.

* Know your limits – This could entail the budget considerations for that needed overhaul. In a deeper sense, it also relates to how much of the preppy look you can actually pull off. Remember that changes for yourself are needed, but you also need to know when to step back and regain your sense of self.

* Know when not to transform into a billboard – The tendency with some people is that they copy straight from an ad without considering the value of their personality. Do away with the sweaters draped around the shoulders (as how some ads portray it) and opt for the more laidback and classy look – polo shirts, shorts and slip-ons/boots. Start from there and work your way through the accessories based on who you are as a person.

The preppy reboot is an ongoing occurrence among many young men. It’s time for you to break out of your shell and try to experiment with what fashion trends have to offer.