Pretty Wicked

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Pretty Wicked


Do you like our neon lippies?! I do too! Haha! Laveeeet! Anyway, a new collection is going to be out soon! It’s going to be bright and roarin’!  Take my word for it…

Since the shoot, I’ve laid my eyes on a few pieces that I’d be more than happy to add up in my closet. Hmmm… Want clues?! Colorful button up tops, cute tees, colored blazers, denim shorts, and much much more!  

Cute leggings right?! Very Versace for H&M lang!! :mrgreen:

PINKaholic will be releasing their collection that comprises of pastels, prints, and neons. Keep posted for updates! 

P.S. Don’t forget to set your alarm on the scheduled date of upload.. 😉


Stay wicked!