Prints in Hot Pink

In Fashion, Look of the Day by Wicked Ying


Look of the Day — Giving the monochrome pegs a break by wearing not just one but two different prints — of the same color palette if that helps!

Basic tank top, Topshop. Denim vest, OASAP. Floral skort, BlackFive Clothing. Michaela tote bag, Maxene’s. Pumps, Memorata by CLN. Beaded necklace, Libebi.


I guess I got lucky to shoot an outfit outdoors and since this fun outfit calls for it, it’s fitting! Today’s look has a touch of clash. The bold and in-your-face impact of print-mixing scares me. I was wary about how it would turn out but I was in such hurry to shoot I barely gave this outfit a thought. This can be considered as organized chaos ootd or uhm, whatever you’d like to call it! 🙄




It’s a clash but the prints are (sort of) complimenting each other given that they both come in hot pink hues.



An outtake. My hair is becoming increasingly stubborn lately as the length makes it a bit more unmanageable!


This tote bag comes in various color combinations and prints so do check out Maxene’s Closet.

Stay wicked!