Queen of Disaster

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Look of the Day — Believe your eyes, I’m wearing pants. I’m going for a business casual kind of look today. Every girl fancies dressing up sometimes even if it means just staying at home to work. I guess I never really outgrew childhood’s pretend play. Lol!

Top, thrifted. Blazer, Greenhills. Pants, Topshop. Heels, Memorata by CLN. Clutch bag, Persunmall. Farrah sunglasses, FLY Shades. Wishbone necklace, Li’s Closet.

“What you do to me is indescribable,
Got me sparkling just like an emerald.
Set my soul on fire, make me wild,
Like the deep blue sea.

No other boy ever made me feel beautiful,
When I’m in your arms, feels like I have it all,
Is it your tattoos or golden grill,
That makes me feel this way?

Got me spinning like a ballerina,
Feeling gangsta every time I see ya,
You’re the king and, baby,
I’m the queen of disaster, disaster…”

Can I go sing this song for boyfie? Teehee! Queen of disaster indeed; nothing is going right and I’m prissy about everything. All is good though, fleeting feelings are fleeting. 😉


March was a gloomy month. I’ve realized that I only shot outfits once or never that time. I can’t be sure but it’s probable. Now it looks like April is a tad bit better weather wise. Accuweather has been a nifty tool whenever I’m making plans to shoot. Flash a smile for summer is here!


Meet Farrah – my new rad sunnies!


I’m all about injecting a bit of contrast into my outfit. For instance, I’ve paired my tattered top with a structured blazer. This tank (that I’ve had for years) has to be my best ukay-ukay find everrr!


Finding a trusty pair of jeans is the greatest debacle (exaggeration implied) I face when it comes to shopping for clothes. Sometimes I’m size 0, 2, or even 4. It’s crazy! Topshop has a good selection of skinny jeans for petite women like me. Yay for that!


Gold shiny bag from Persunmall.



Stay wicked!