Real Vs. Steal: The Face Wedge

In Fashion, Shoes by Wicked Ying

I’ve been talking about this certain face wedges for as long as I can remember. I’ve been dying to have myself a pair of them. Yes, they’re by far the most expensive I’ve bought amongst all online shoe purchases I’ve made. I don’t mind. I want them THAT bad! 😈

I fell in love at the mere sight of them! They’re sky high. Its seamless and invisible platform made it such a beauty! Almost dreamy as I would say. 😉

So here’s the REAL picture of the face wedge. It’s from Dolce and Gabbana. This pair made a huge buzz in the blogosphere when they’re once worn and blogged about by the Sea of Shoes herself, Jane Aldridge.

How far would you go to have those? The REAL costs a pricey amount of $978!

And here’s my pair, taadaah! 😈

I bought mine from HeelAndSole Shop and it’s nowhere near a thousand dollars. Haha!

Now I finally got your attention didn’t I? 😈

It has the same woman’s side face that the REAL has. The only difference that I can point out is that its rivetting details comes in white while the latter one’s in gold. Other than that everything’s similar. Real STEAL right?

Just love taking pictures of them. You might want to check out HeelAndSole for some more cute kicks. They got the all designer shoes you love for less!

More Real versus Steal shoes to come!