Red Lilly

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Look of the Day — I’m-matching-my-bag-with-my-top kinda look. Instead of going for a more subtle approach, I went for the bold red. Totally unexpected of me as I do away with colors most of the time. I’m in a celebratory look now that my birth month has ended. That means my Candy Mag Days of Style feature ended too, on a happy note to say the least. I welcomed and enjoyed every bit of the challenge giving tips and basically describing my whole outfit. It was fun. Thank you Candy Mag!





Red backless top and peplum shorts, PINKaholic. Strappy heels, Forever 21. Necklace, Li’s Closet. Midi rings, Rarelove Jewelry. Red Lilly Foldover bag, Maxene’s Closet.



My red Lilly says hello! 😉


Allow me to share some of my random thoughts with you. I feel like tweeting won’t do as much justice as sharing it on the blog. If you’ve been following me on Goodreads, you might notice I’m into Sherry Argov‘s work as of late. I was never a fan of any books labeled as ‘self-help’ but upon trying to convince myself (after a few suggestions from friends too), I gave in. It shouldn’t be called self-help though, I prefer the term women empowerment. It was an entertaining and sort of enlightening read. What I’ve learned is that it is true, women in fact are conditioned by the media that you need to do this and do that in order to become acceptable to a man. Talk about being taught how to be desperate, right? I’ve even passed by an article link from a magazine page titled, Why He Doesn’t Reply from Your Texts, Ways to Please a Man, and similar topics like that. Do they really have to? I mean, seriously. Heck, they even tried correlating the aging process as a negative phenomena. Why is that? There is a constant reminder that we are not okay the way we are. We are being banked upon by all this perception of perfection. Using our insecurities (we all have them) to sell us all these goods and whatnot. Why can’t they teach us on how on how to be independent and preach self-confidence instead?


In line with the misleading relationship advice we get, I put up a (call it) fierce outfit. From donning no-bra-needed backless tops (all hail nippies I love you), to edgy shoes, to this ever functional bag, I got errrthing covered!


I’ve always thought going matchy-matchy is tricky but maybe it’s not?


Red, black and gold.



Thank you Maxene’s Closet for our collaboration. More awesome bags to come! 


Stay wicked!