Save Your Teeth From Lipstick Stains

In Beauty, Make up by Wicked Ying

As I was browsing my newly bought back ish magazines, an editorial caught my attention. It showed photos of Hollywood stars with lipstick-stained teeth smiling unknowingly to the paparazzi. I couldn’t stop giggling, til it hit me “What if I were in their place?” Wouldn’t it be so friggin’ embarassing? Oopsie! 😳

So the trick is this, blot blot blot. Yes, apply a layer of lipstick and blot it with a tissue. You may then apply another thin layer afterwards. Doing so could also make the shade last longer on your lips.

Stain proofing your teeth is the last tip. You may find it eewie but it does wonders. First, dry your teeth using a tissue. Take a Q tip, dip it in a jar of petroleum jelly give your teeth a smooth swipe and voila! You are now good to go.

On the red carpet or somewhere else, don’t be afraid to show off those pearly whites, they’re your best accessory. Now smile!  😀