Say What You Want

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Say What You Want

Short-sleeved sweater and booties, PINKaholic. Army green faux leather shorts, WAGW. Rings, Little London. Aztec earrings, Forever 21.


Look of the day – Going matchy matchy because it’s cold and chilly! 

Army green anyone?!

The irony of wearing summer-colored lippy despite the not so amiable weather. I’m wearing Nyx Matte in Summer Breeze here. And oh, as requested, I added a pinch of cheek tint too. Dunno if it’s noticeable but whatev.. Teehee!

Army green and khaki doesn’t look that bad combined, at least for me. These shorts are such a keeper I used this pair since my 365 looks challenge days. Uh huh, I’ve had this for a year, give or take. Fact: I reuse clothes contrary to what most people think. 🙄

Shoes from PINKaholic. Yes, they sell shoes as well apart from the usual clothes and accessories. I like the tapestry print on this one, quite rare! 



Stay wicked!