Second Tattoo

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram or we’re friends on Facebook (for that matter), you would probably have a slight (or obvious) idea what the trip’s agenda were. It’s nothing fancy, really. It was all about tattoos, and (the boyfriend) getting lots of them. I call it tattoo-shopping. Weird, huh? We had it booked months ago but we weren’t exactly sure how it would go and if it would come to realization because rainfall is common once June settles in. Thus, it can be synonymous with cancelled flights. To cut the story short, it happened.

Tuesday. July 9th. At around 7pm we arrived at Crol’s Tattoo Studio. The new venue is pretty much cool with a contemporary feel to it. I must say, the anxiety is always there whenever you’re getting prepped. There are thoughts like, what if it hurts or I can’t last the whole session, or what if I’ll be squealing like a prey the whole time.


With the stencil. It is the moment when you bid goodbye to your (rather) bare skin. A bittersweet moment. Lol!


During the tattoo session. It hurts like hell. I’d be lying if I say it didn’t. However, the excitement on how it would look in the end is greater compared to the pain felt. When the machine starts buzzing, all I could do is clench my jaws (which is kind of tiring too, you know). Check my Instagram for the videos! 

I watched the movie This Means War by the way. RomCom for the win! Kept myself busy with social media and stuff. Update galore. I get startled once in a while due to a sudden sharp piercing pain. Ugh, needles! Haha!


After watching a full-movie as a way of distracting one’s self, it’s done. What do you think?


I wasn’t able to take an obligatory photo op with the artist but thank you Carlo Gabiana. I now have this memoir of my scoliosis. As soon as I have posted the photo in the internet and the sesh was literally finished, I was bombarded with “what does it mean” questions. Now let me explain. In boyf’s words, the human body is a perfect design and me having these skeletal flaws seemed to fit the whole get-a-skeleton-tattoo thing. The head-to-hip illustration suits me well. One, my skull is shaped in a weird way. Two, scoliosis (dextroscoliosis, specifically) or curvature of the spine. Three, scoliosis leads to assymetrical shoulders and hips. Fourth, I don’t know if this would pass as a reason but the skeletal system was my favorite part during our anatomy class(?). Needless to say, I spent nights looking at photos of bones, memorized each part with a bottle of Red Bull in tow. 

Another question that I often get is if I regret getting one. I say no. Why would I? It isn’t something that you decide overnight, mind you. However, I see nothing wrong with tattoos and why would someone do something that he or she is unsure of? People always tend to point out that it is permanent as if it is a trivia that I didn’t know yet but then again, we all have our preferences and we make choices. As the saying goes, to each his own. I’m happy with mine. Thanks to boyf for coming up with all these unique ideas. You’re the best! Teehee! 😉

Few more days and my new ink will be fully-healed. As early as now, I’m already thinking on what would be my 3rd one. So what will it be?


Stay wicked!