Shoephoric: The Gypsy Dream

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Last April, I received an email from Ann Jacobe, founder of Shoephoric, inviting me to be a part of their new campaign The Gypsy Dream – an assemblage of handcrafted sandals for the free-spirited woman. With our mutual love for shoes and support for Philippine-made products, I said yes!

Anyway, totally off-topic but Shoephoric and I go way back. I remember being one of their Featured Shoephoric years ago.  :-D 



The GYPSY DREAM is the latest collection from One Town One Shoe – Shoephoric’s latest advocacy for local cobblers in the Philippines. Check out my pair in Wild Heart!


How cute are the purple beads and the trinkets they’ve embedded in this design? The quality and the craftsmanship of our local shoemakers is definitely something to be proud of! That being said, I commend Shoephoric and their goal in making Filipino cobblers’ artistry known to the global market.


One Town One Shoe aims to elevate the livelihood of local shoe cobblers and catapult them to a bigger arena where they can display their artistry. Shoephoric’s plan is to assist cobblers from different towns in the Philippines starting with Gapan, Nueva Ecija known as the “Tsinelas Capital of the North”.

Each pair sold represents our hope and vision of creating something of style and substance that can serve as an instrument in helping others to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Check out the entire collection at — Start shopping and help bring our local cobblers closer to the fruition of their dreams!


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