Shoes for Less – Metallic Platform Pumps

In Shoes by Wicked Ying


A pair of black pumps is a must-have for every woman out there. Treat it as your bestfriend because sooner or later you’ll know that very pair can partake a role in your life, especially on several, not to mention, significant events.

While they say that you have to invest in shoes, it is just about right that you consider the budget at hand. Okay, so I’m not the best one to give such advice but come to think of it, you wouldn’t spend around £500+ for designer shoes right?! Maybe not unless you’re earning a few thousands a day. Here’s where the “shoes for less” comes in. It has become a part of my cyber ritual to check out online shoe stores like Solestruck, Nastygal, NetaPorter, etc. That is my quick fix to give me that much-needed shoe high. Eyeing several pieces with unbelievable larger than life prices is both tormenting and challenging. Nowadays, I get to see similar designs for a cheaper lot of price. Affordable is the word. A sense of accomplishment is what I call it. 😉


Take this classic Charlotte Olympia (Dolly) court shoes as an example. Just like the D&G face wedge I’ve found before, there’s that same design different price again. What’s great about it is that it really does look the same with the pair I bought except for the color of the metallic platform. Notice how the designer pair has that blinding gold detail.

Lo and behold, this is my cheap find. As I was browsing Forever 21’s shoes tab, I immediately recognize the pair. A dead ringer! Some call it knock off but what the heck, it is almost impossible for me to buy the “authentic” ones. They are similar whichever way I see it. Pfffttt… Haha! :mrgreen:


The only difference that I did notice was that the metallic platform is in rose gold hue instead of gold. The Dolly has that sharp cut shape platform too. Doesn’t matter. It took me about a month before I saw these available in the Philippines. I’ve waited maybe a month or so since the moment I saw them online. I know I just have to have them. I literally begged for someone to buy me these in SM Cebu. Lol!

Am I still making sense? Lol! 😆


So there you go… I hope I get to have more “shoes for less” posts soon!


Stay wicked!