Sick Rampage

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Sick Rampage

Neon yellow zipped bustier, COPPER. Black tutu skirt, Vaintage. Harness booties, HeelandSole. 


Look of the Day — One last set of photos I have in stock. Boohoo! I’m saving the best for last because this look has got to be my fave among the bunch. Teehee! Who says you can’t be quirky and fun rocking a gothic peg? Adding a neon item doesn’t hurt as well. And btw, I have this bustier in another color too. See? I told you I tend to buy the same stuff in different colors. Old habits are hard to change. Haha! :mrgreen:


If I were a member of a rock band, I guess the “rocker wicked” in me would never think twice wearing this number. Thanks to COPPER and Vaintage, these two came just in time for my imaginary concert. Lol! What do you think? 😕

And hey I’m wearing make up! 😛

Pa-effect! I had to hold the gate you know. Too scared to let go because I had to stand in an inclined driveway or whatever you’d like to call it.  

How  I change into ze shoes. Yes, I’m a loser like that! Haha! 😆



How’s everyone’s day been? It’s the start of the long weekend. Woot woot! 😉 I wish you all a great R&R time while I’m stuck here working overtime. I had to catch up on the tasks I left behind due to the unexpected extension of our stay in Cebu. Booooo! 


Stay wicked!