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Look of the Day — I can’t get enough of denim as evidenced by a number of looks I’ve uploaded on my Lookbook account. Dress, skirt, skort, or shorts, I prolly worn every type out there. Time to try out this sack dress of some sort.. Lol!


Cropped top, Topshop. Denim overalls and leather bag, East Clothes. Sneakers, Vans. Lionhead bracelet, Li’s Closet. 



A friend of mine has been labelling me a “hipster” a gazillion times as of late that I find myself channeling it through the clothes I wear too. The word hipster is such a broad term, I honestly don’t know what it means. If you know, then please enlighten me. As an initial reaction, one would deny it and be all out defensive. Expected. It is, after all, part of our human psyche. A defense mechanism as it is called. Maybe the label is true, I’m predictable like that.


Nothing screams old school than overalls, denim, cropped tops and sneaks right? If someone’s teasing, might as well own it. I take it that way, so sue me. Street style and casual has become my everyday outfit and it is very apt with the environment. Sometimes, blending in can be beneficial than trying too hard to stand out. I mean that in a very shallow manner though like dressing up. Letting your star shine isn’t always a case to apply in every situation. Just saying!


Cherry lips and golden curls. Go baby go go…


My accessory sponsor has been spoiling me with necklaces and bracelets. Love their products especially the lionhead stuff.


Here’s my new go-to bag for nightouts. Perfect size when you bring in just the essentials.


Good news: I am giving away this denim overall! It’s time to give back to the lovely wicked ones who’ve been visiting my blog. Soon dearies. Soon!


Stay wicked!