Size Doesn’t Matter: Ways to Flatter Every Woman’s Shape

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Knowing what body type you have is the easiest way to begin shopping for outfits that help you look your best. There are four main body types: apple, athletic, busty, and pear. There are ways to work with all four types and no matter what type you have, there’s no shortage of fashions that will flatter your body.


Body Type #1: The Apple Shape 


Women with the apple shape have wider shoulders and tend to have bigger busts. They gain weight around the stomach. But they typically have slim hips and a flat backside. 

If you’re apple shaped, there are a few tricks to help even things out. Stay away from shirts that cling to your stomach. Instead, try wearing a shirt that’s fitted at the bust but flows loosely when it reaches the stomach.

Tunic tops work the best but you can also wear shirts that have a belt up under the bust. For the bottoms, stay away from skinny jeans. These will make your top half look even heavier. Instead, try wearing jeans that have a bit of a flare at the ankles. If you prefer skirts, opt for something patterned and loose.


Body Type #2: The Athletic Shape 


If you have an athletic body type, it means your shape is toned and well-defined. Those with athletic body shapes often have a difficult time because they don’t have many curves. Fortunately, this can be fixed with a few shopping trips.

To create the illusion of curves, wear shirts that help to slim you and have detailing. Fitted button down shirts are great, but you can also try the more feminine baby-doll shirt or empire-waist shirt. Petal or puffed sleeves will help to soften up your shoulders and arms. 

For the bottoms, find skirts that will accentuate your hips but don’t cling to your toned legs. A-line skirts are great for athletic bodies and can be found online at sites like But if you prefer jeans, go for bootcut or flare. Both styles will slim your thighs. 


Body Type #3: The Busty Shape


Women with the busty shape often have a hard time shopping because of their bust lines. You may find yourself having to shop in the plus-size section in the store because the women’s department doesn’t have shirts that are large enough. If you have this problem, know that it can be remedied. 

You don’t have to be stuck wearing T-shirts. If you’re busty, look for V-neck shirts and off-the-shoulder tops. Scoop neck shirts also look great on women with larger busts. As far as the bottoms go, you can wear pretty much anything as long as it looks good with the shirts that will accentuate your bust.


Body Type #4: The Pear Shape 


One of the most common body types, pears are relatively easy to shop for when it comes to tops. Pear shaped women often have slender shoulders and necks and have narrow waists. They’re heavier on the bottom and often gain weight in the backsides and thighs.

So aim for tops that will widen your shoulders like scoop necks or boat necks. Steer clear of shirts that are tight at the bottom because they’ll make your hips look bigger. For the bottoms, bootcut and flare jeans are the best for you. If you prefer skirts, check out A-line ones because they skim over your thighs. Stay away from miniskirts and bottoms that will cling to your thighs. 

Knowing your body type can simplify your shopping experience. It’s important that you choose clothing that accents your best features. The right clothes will make you look and feel great.


*Janice Carlson loves women’s fashion. She often writes about flattering fits and designs on style blogs.*