Smile With Your Eyes

In PR by Wicked Ying


We all know about Tyra Banks and her famous “smize”. Maybe it’s true, there is magic in our eyes.


Contact lenses are probably a convenient choice instead of using prescription glasses. Most of us use them not because of eyesight problems but also for cosmetic purposes. I’m guilty of such. I remember back in college when I’d rush to the nearest optical store just to purchase those tri-color green contacts. I keep wearing them everyday and I thought it was cool especially when I wore my mask on. (Uh huh, nursing duties). It was my first pair and I absolutely love the effect. I tried several more after that — blue, gray, doll eyes, even the big black circle ones. Yeah, I wore black contacts to my graduation day and quite frankly, I looked alien-y. So, take my word for it, stick to the two-tone and tri-colors. Haha! 😀


Using colored contact lenses is a cool way of changing our appearance in an instant. It has become a recent add-on to the fashion industry. Bold colors, increased diameter, and unusual designs make an instant impression. Just remember to buy from trusted stores and practice good hygiene prior to putting them on and of course, taking them off.


Whether you want to turn heads every day, make your eyes match your mood, or just change your eye color for a special occasion, ACUVUE® 2 COLOURS™ Brand lenses have a color for you. Ultra-thin and comfortable, ACUVUE® 2 COLOURS™ lenses have ten natural-looking colors to choose from—with or without vision correction.


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