Something About the Way

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Look of the Day — Come over to the dark side! I can’t think of a better way to dress up this dress/cropped top combo except for going all out goth-inspired. The dark lippy accent made it so much more believable too!


“Something about the way i picture you when you’re in my head

something about the way you move me put my soul to rest

something about the way you smile at me when you’re in my bed”


Stripe dress and pink satchel bag, FEMMEX. White sneakers, Vans. Bone necklace, OS Accessories. 



Hello! I understand it must be astonishing for me to post this look complete with the dark theme. This look didn’t even escape my boyf’s cunning eyes from noticing why I’m wearing what I’m wearing. Allow me to explain, okay? I may have been watching too much movies with the same sort of style; take Mortal Instruments as an example. Plus, reading a new book which covers murder scenes stick around to you. It might have an effect in my overall temperament. Thus, the outfit. However, the dress itself required something to that extent of styling too.

On the other hand, I tend to come across the line “ignorance is a bliss” often and quite frankly I don’t really get it. Why would ignorance be advantageous? There is a little angst at the thought of not knowing and I have yet to find a certain situation where I can apply such thought. It’s a given that we want control over things and life doesn’t allow that, not always at least. Until then, we can rejoice on the aspects we can deal with — our actions and outlook that is.


I have developed a liking for white shoes. It just happened in a snap; before I know it, I already have 6 pairs – shoes, flats, and heels. What’s weirder is that I can’t even incorporate them in my looks. I think they pop out too much in photos it may override the rest of the outfit. But that’s just me!


I experimented with the purple lip right after the time when Steph and I went out for dinner. She wore the Riri Talk that Talk and it made me think that I should invest in lipstick or change shades sometimes. I have always been a cheapo when it comes to beauty products but it wouldn’t hurt to indulge once in a while. I started browsing my Instagram feed and ordered a few lippies. 😉



I wore a pastel pink bag to tone down the look. A pop of color is very much needed!


Shoes that I bought for less! It was a steal when they slashed the price for a few hundreds off just because it’s not as  white anymore. Lol!



Stay wicked!