Spin Me Around Like a Child

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Look of the Day — Time for another weekend outfit post! I was able to shoot looks earlier today and I decided to include what I’m really wearing. Yep, what I’m trying to say is that this is my legit LOTD people! Haha!


Cutout blouse and peplum shorts, PINKaholic. Quilted leather clutch, Mango. Scarf print peeptoe wedges, Aldo. Gold belt, For Me.


Is it just me or am I too girly today? Check out my cap sleeves. Laveeet! Teehee! I’m wearing my new lipstick here by the way. It’s NYX Matte in Hippie Chic.


Details, details, details. Love my super long nails and mermaid polish. Thanks to acrylic nails, I can have them at this length without having to worry about breakage and chipping. Need these filled in soon! 


I have had this blouse for a little over a year now and I’m still digging it. It’s a perfect “go to” top whenever I need something dressy and girly. Normally, I would’ve worn my black peplum shorts with buttondowns but I chose an interesting top instead.


What do you think? I know there’s a hot debate going on if bloggers really do wear what they post and I’m not so sure where I stand with the issue. If you wear what you post then good for you I commend you for that. If not, then there must be some good reason about it. But that’s just my opinion, because personally as much as I love to wear my hubadera clothes I can’t just flaunt it while I commute around the city right? I have my reasons too you know! Lol!


Oh hey.. Look who’s back with her photobombing ways? Can you still remember Amber?! She literally jumped up at me during this set; we had to divert her attention so she would move away. 😆



Anyhoo, I’m back in the mood for posting looks and blogging. From contests and blogger challenges, I’m up for it! I haven’t been this enthusiastic but somehow the change of blog’s theme, amiable sunny weather, and boyf’s (sort of) voluntary ways to shoot my outfits gave me an extra push to be active once again. Hope you’re all as enthused as I am! Lol


Stay wicked!