Star Catching Girl

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Look of the Day — We’re still not done with the sweater weather yet. Boohoo! This might be one of my well-thought of posts to date. I’ve been thinking too much about things lately and I decided to write them down.



Mesh sweater, FEMMEX. Bodycon skirt, Zara. Purse, Mango. Crossbone necklace, OS Accessories.


“You can never tell if they mean what they say
Tangled up in all the games that they play

Baby reach out
Can you catch that star out there?
C’mon try harder, it is not that very far away

Star catching girl!
There is no way out for you
Star catching girl!
This is what you’re born to do
And those shooting stars can’t help you
When you’re out every night on your own
On your own, oh on your own again

There’s something special here
Everyone can tell
Don’t move
Don’t breathe
Just smile, be nice, don’t ever break the spell

Baby reach out
Can you catch that star out there?
C’mon try harder, it is just a game of truth and dare…”



Saddest lyrics you’ve ever read right?  It is the first idea/song that came to my mind whilst thinking of titles. Remember when I used to have such difficulty finding appropriate ones? One thing was sure though, it had to be something with stars for obvious reasons I need not explain. Duh!

Wise up / Grow up – a piece of advice I’ve heard close to a thousand times. No wait, make it a million times. Note the exaggeration as it is meant to be that way. As to why I frequently being told that phrase, I wouldn’t know. For some reasons, maybe my immature self can’t get past some people. Sure I’m stubborn, but aren’t we all? In one of my diary entries I’ve written that I do not understand why I have such a glass half-empty view in life in spite of my efforts on being optimistic. Either my hormones are making me like this, or my mentality is wired up this way. I’m not complaining. Most of life’s lessons and realizations stem out right after you’re beaten to the ground. There is empowerment after feeling so helpless. There’s also the urge to be wary of people after you’ve trusted too much. You see, there are benefits of being borderline paranoid. If you top that up with melancholy then I don’t know what to call it anymore.

I often read articles about enjoying the present and that worrying doesn’t really solve anything. I cease to accept the fact that there are things beyond my control which almost instantly results to anxiety. When will I ever learn? Overall, my art of overthinking is both a gift and a curse. Here’s to wishing I can become normal and not this cray cray of a girl that I am! 🙄


While I tend to gravitate towards the dark side of life, I know where to find happiness too. Satiety (food wise) and contentment are so hard to come by these days. So when you come across that moment, seize it! You never know when you get to have that feeling again next time.

(Segue in 3, 2, 1…)


Anyhoo, today’s post is about wearing sweaters in a non-sweaty kind of way. This set was taken when it was raining even though the rays are blinding my eyes a bit. Honestly speaking, I find it weird.


Bodycon skirts can sometimes be tricky. They stick to the skin too much. Lol!


Hope you like it!


Stay wicked!