Stars Under the Stars: What Famous Celebs Wear to Bed

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What do some notable celebrities wear to bed? It’s suggested to think of people as equals. Celebrities put their pants on one leg at a time, right? However, you may be unaware that some celebs make uncommon decisions regarding nightly garb. Check out how the stars look underneath the sheets!


X Factor

Hugh Jackman is well known for his repeated roles as X-Men tough guy, Wolverine. Yet, you probably wouldn’t guess that he wears the outfit in the bedroom. Why? His wife of nearly 20 years requests he does so. Apparently it gets her aroused and makes her feel like she is entertaining another side of her long-time husband.

Cheetah Print

Sandra Bullock, currently single, likes to wear cheetah print to bed to get a rise out of a male in her life, yet it’s not what you think. She wears a long, flowing cheetah one piece for her son, because as she describes, it makes him laugh. Want to look like Sandra at bedtime? Check Sleepyheads for a range of onesies!

Dressed to Impress

Long-time screen star and singer, Dolly Parton, wears makeup to bed and sleeps with her wig beside her. What’s the reason for the preoccupation to appear her best? She’s fearful that during an emergency or quick hotel evacuation, she’ll be caught looking less than her best. The 68 year-old celeb cannot bare the thought of being caught with her appearance’s pants down in case there is a cameraman around.

High Society

Famous singer, Lady Gaga, also likes to go to bed with her makeup on, yet she one-ups Dolly when it comes to keeping appearances; she admits that she likes to wear high heels to bed, stilettos to be exact. And she’s not the only one; Pamela Anderson also likes to wear high heels to bed. She admits that some partners enjoy the sight of her in heels but dislike the feeling of getting poked during the night.

Bed Beauty

Another ravishing beauty, Victoria Beckham, adopts a different approach. She admits to wearing gloves and socks to bed, stating that it protects her skin and keeps her looking youthful. Hubby David thinks the notion is a bit batty, yet there is a method to Victoria’s apparent madness. She fills the gloves and socks with moisturizing cream, so her hands and feet are being treated while she sleeps.

Bare Truth

Blond bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, was once asked, “What do you wear to bed?” Her response? Chanel No. 5 – insinuating that she wore next to nothing when keeping cozy under the sheets. Whether that’s the truth or not is for a limited number of people to be sure of, yet Marilyn, never hurting for a quip or reason to be a sex symbol, was likely providing the bare truth.


A study of random non-celebrities reflects that most women prefer men to wear boxer shorts to bed, and men like to see their gals wear a shirt of their favorite sports teams. That seems pretty normal, a bit more common than the admissions above!

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