Starting Over

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Starting Over

White tank top and fringe necklace, Forever 21. Denim vest, bangle, and hot pink shorts, PINKaholic. Wooden clogs, LYFH. 


Here’s what I wore yesterday, Friday the 13th! 😈

What’s the inspiration for this look? Uhmmm, I got inspired by Steph’s look the other day. Key item? Denim vest! I got mine for free.. Heeee! Why? Because I bought a lotta stuff last time from PINKaholic. I’m a spoiled shopper! Lol! :mrgreen:

This is what I wore when we went out for a couple of drinks last night. I changed my kicks though and wore a comfy pair instead of these heavy clogs. 

Enjoyed editing photos! Nowadays, I’m kinda taking my time sorting thru photo dump and all the stuff I do. It’s not like I’m cramming because I need need need to post them as soon as possible.. 😉

This is the natural light that I’m talking about! Honestly, I’m a sucker for this! Now if only the lens could push through despite the flare it’s getting, it would def be an awesome photo.. 😈

Although the thought of starting over scares the crap out of me, I still went for it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then let me “chika” about it. Anyway, I finally made my 2nd account out of sheer desperation for change. Now I’m contented with my new LB’s status. Better get a few fans that are active than have a ton with less hypes. This proves that quantity isn’t always better compared to quality eh?!

If you can’t find my new account, here it is ! >> WickedYing


Stay wicked!