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It makes me cringe whenever the net’s too slow or worse an “Internal Server Error” pops up on my screen. iPage sucks! A while ago I was able to experience (kind of) a day without the internet. We woke up a little after 12, checked business/work stuff. There wasn’t any update or set of tasklist to be done. So I got myself ready, boyf and I were doing an errand of grocery shopping. Honestly, it is something that I love doing. Admit it, it is fun going through stuff and choosing which is which right?! Or maybe I’m the only one enjoying myself. Lol! :mrgreen:

We watched movie afterwards. Yes, at last I felt we had a life too! Ambiguous was the word to describe my afternoon. On the other hand, I’m glad we went out and do something we used to do so often before we were caught up with work doing our thing. We were teenagers again today. Haha! Oh, our 2nd anniversary is coming up.. How to spend it? I have no idea! 🙄


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