Studded Cowboy Booties

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Studded Cowboy Booties


I’ve ordered this brown booties from FancyFeet the other week. Can’t wait to wear these for my pegaloos! Haha! The studs and buckles are too cute, I neeeeeed them! Truth be told, it is just now that I appreciate boots and booties. No wonder I’m drawn to buying them these days. It’s not always too late to try new stuff, right? Right?? 😆

I can see myself wearing this with jeans, crochet dress, and denim shorts. Any other suggestions? I asked for Steph’s help in choosing what color to buy, brown or the camel-ish one. Brown won the poll! Studs are more visible on this one, so well-justified eh?! Teehee! :mrgreen:


P.S. I wish the mailman would deliver them sooner. I’ll definitely post the actual photos here when I get my hands on these. It’s been two days since it was shipped. I hope they arrive before I shoot looks for LB again. Boooo.. 🙄



Stay wicked!